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Fatou is a very dedicated professional. After paying two other coaches, I began not to trust them because I was not getting any results. But Fatou showed the opposite. She was very interested in helping me and I trusted her 100%.

I received her coaching and it was very impressive. She spent a lot of time with me and it was very professional and personal at the same time. She really understood the job I was looking for and put in words everything I wanted to say on my CV and during the interview.

I highly recommend Fatou to any jobseeker and I am sure she can help anybody get their dream job!



Since Fatou improved my CV, 90% of the Irish companies that I applied with started to return immediately by droping so many emails. In other words, thanks to Fatou's contributions to my CV and her career coaching, I became a sought-after candidate by so many companies, and no longer a hopeless job seeker.

I experienced how professional Fatou is as a career coach in Ireland. It is so clear that she knows well the soul and theory of Irish market and thus converts the features of any job seeker into practice with a presentable CV.

I strongly advise any person looking for a job in Ireland to meet with Fatou either online or face-to-face. I am so grateful to her for the kind and profesional contribution she gave me in this process.


It was a big chance for me to meet her.



I have had the chance to meet Fatou when I needed a fresh perspective regarding my career and my personal development. 


Her advice and guidance increased my confidence to face potential employers strategically and allowed me to identify some opportunities that I might have missed otherwise. This personalised consultation benefited me on every level and impacted my career path. Fatou really made a difference with her expertise and her engagement.

It was not easy to acknowledge that I needed to make a decision and grow. Fatou gave me the help that I needed in that moment of time. I am thankful for her availability, her recommendation as well as the tools and resources she recommended me to use to get ready for the next step in my career.


I highly recommend working with Fatou as she is a wonderful coach who helped me achieve my goals and stand for myself.

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​I contacted Fatou as I wanted to change my career path and was uncertain of what type of industry and role I should turn to. After listening to me, she helped me clarify my priorities and suggested few ideas that we then discussed. She also helped me implement a plan of action to move forward.

I also attended Fatou's "LinkedIn Makeover Challenge" which helped me a lot. Fatou answered all of our questions, giving us lots of examples and tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn to grow our connections and professional career. I have also got personalised advices that I was able to implement straight away. Fatou is very knowledgeable and approachable. 

I would definitively recommend Fatou's professionalism and great communication skills to anyone.



I recently booked a 60-minute coaching session with Fatou in order to gain some clarity around a business project close to my heart.


Thanks to her powerful questioning and attentive listening, she made me realise which action steps I needed to prioritise in order to move forward. I left the session with an exciting and achievable action plan and most importantly with more self-confidence.


I am looking forward to working with Fatou again in the future.



Fatou is a great coach. I attended her CV Writing workshop which was restricted to a limited number of people, which made everyone feel at ease and in a peaceful environment. We could ask questions anytime and there were some interactive activities such as small quizzes.


I feel like the tips she gave us will be of great importance in the pursuit of our dream career. She is for sure a coach who cares about her clients.


The irrevocable evidence: at the end of the session, she invited us to book a 30-minute (free) appointment with her to discuss our brand new CV.