30 life lessons I learned by age 30

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Eight months ago, I celebrated my 30th birthday watching the lights of the Eiffel Tower flashing every hour. I spent this milestone with my baby sister and a dear friend of mine in the only skyscraper hotel in Paris. And of course, I paid extra for the high floor option with the Eiffel Tower view.

Just so you know, I am a pretty reasonable person all year long but on my birthday, I am such a drama queen! I am a big fan of birthdays and celebrations and balloons and cakes and candles... and of myself too. (Yes, I am my biggest cheerleader and hoping to be yours too!) So just imagine the combination of all these ingredients on a single day. This is just pure magic! I am probably the happiest person on earth every 28th of December and I am always so grateful for all the messages and testimonials of love I receive on this special day.

Before I turn 31 (it’s in 4 months already!), I’d like to share with you 30 life lessons I learned by age 30. In no particular order.

1. If you have health, you have hope. And if you have hope, you have everything.

2. You know best what success means to you. And if you’re unhappy, it’s not success.

3. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and be a sunshine in other people’s lives. There is enough negativity in this world. Don't add to it.

4. Your energy flows where your attention goes. Choose wisely.

5. Everything in life is risky. Going for your dreams is risky. Staying stuck where you don't belong is risky. Pick your risk.

6. It’s okay to say no.

7. Start before you’re ready ~ Marie Forleo.

8. If your problem can be solved with action, then you don’t have a problem ~ Mel Robbins.

9. There’s only the present. The past is gone, and the future doesn’t exist. Enjoy every moment.

10. Never stop learning.

11. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better ~ Maya Angelou.

12. The most important person in your life is you. Take care of yourself.

13. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

14. Be kind to yourself and to others.

15. Don’t try to compete with anyone else, just strive to become the best version of yourself.

16. You may not see or call a friend often and still love them to the moon and back (and vice-versa).

17. Trust your gut.

18. Invest in yourself, you deserve it.

19. Drop the “I know” mentality. If you're not living it, you don't know sh**.

20. Travelling is money well spent.

21. You can make more money, but you cannot make more time. Spend your time wisely.

22. Life is finite. Don’t postpone your dreams.

23. Ask yourself better questions to get better answers. Instead of “why is this happening to me?”, try “what can I learn from this?” and see what changes.

24. Don’t wait until you feel like it to do something that is important to you. You may just wait forever. Just do it.

25. Don’t break promises you make to yourself.

26. Age is just a number. It’s never too late to be who you are meant to be.

27. Write down your goals. If it’s not written, it’s not real.

28. Start your day right by selecting your thoughts for the day. Hint: Today is always a good day to decide to be happy.

29. Be humble enough to suck for as long as it takes you to get better ~ Rachel Hollis.

30. Don’t try to dodge the process. You will have to step outside your comfort zone to grow. That’s the only way.

I have to stop here to be consistent with this blog title, but I swear I have so much more to share with you... that's a little bit frustrating! Maybe I'll write a follow up piece on that one. But later. I still have 120 days to go.

Now tell me! What is your favourite life lesson? What would you add to this list?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

Much love to you,



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