Does it sound familiar?


Do you feel stuck in your 9-5 joy-sucking job?


Are you sending out hundreds of resumes but hearing nothing back?


Are you a multilingual expat who worries your minor mispronunciations are holding you back because your first language isn’t English?


Is your current career sucking the life out of you day after day?

It doesn’t have to be like that you know…

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"Get the Job!" is an intimate, 4-week, group mentoring programme designed to provide you with everything you need to help ensure that you are THE stand-out and sought-after candidate, every time. 


Believe me, I get it.

I know that a job is never just a job & that you are 100% ready to put in the work to find your dream role. As a multiple-time career changer turned successful career coach and job search strategist, I have been there, done it AND got the t-shirt. If I can successfully come out the other side (despite my French accent) you can too!  

Let me show YOU how…


The 6 most common mindset killers and how to fight them during your job search as well as how to set yourself up for success before you even send your first resume.


My proven LinkedIn strategies to optimise your job search will cover how to network like a pro, enhance your personal brand & advance your career.

what's included

Covering everything from how to set yourself up for success every time & creating a standout, irresistible resume to showing you how to nail your next job interview & network like a pro on LinkedIn, Get the Job! gives you all the tools you need to ensure you land multiple job offers for your dream roles


A step-by-step framework on how to craft a compelling, achievement-focused and ATS-proof resume that will make sure you stand head & shoulders above the rest and maximise your chances of being called for interview.


The simple rules to follow to provide tailored, informative and effective answers to even the most challenging of interview questions as well as my 10 fail-safe strategies for interview success.


Access to a private Facebook group bursting with like-minded, supportive, jobseekers offering you a safe space to get any questions you might have answered.


The tangible tools you need to network effectively & efficiently, follow-up like a pro and land the role you’ve been dreaming of for years with access to video recordings, training worksheets, bonus templates and job search trackers.

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If you would like to master the right mindset, build a box of tools and strategies that will get you closer to landing your dream job, without the commitment, time or money that comes with investing in a long-term coaching package, then “Get the Job!” is the perfect programme for you!


The money you are earning is important and job security is a huge thing - especially right now, I get that. BUT what if I told you that there is a role out there waiting for you that will have you leaping out of bed and into the office day after day because it is possible to have total job satisfaction, security AND a super salary to match..?


Giving you the tools to take you from tumbleweed to in-demand when you apply for your dream roles, “Get the Job!” is your one-way ticket to a career where clocking off on a Friday evening is no longer the highlight of your working week.


We're starting the next class on 2nd November 2021  - are you joining us?

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I recently enrolled in Fatou’s 4 week intensive workshop ‘Get the Job’, which covered many areas of finding a dream role in an increasingly competitive market. Fatou’s style of teaching is encouraging, empowering and extremely practical. Her availability to answer questions at the end of each session was always a wonderful discussion. Thanks to Fatou’s tips and enthusiastic approach in her coaching, I gained immense confidence in my own job searching, and utilised many of her techniques in interview preparation. All of this resulted in receiving an exciting job offer in a prestigious law firm in Dublin. I would highly recommend Fatou’s workshop to anyone who needs that positive lift and resources that will help you find that new amazing job that you deserve.

~ Melissa

I took part in Fatou’s masterclass in July 2020 where we discussed topics around CV writing, interview preparation and LinkedIn branding. The course helped me to better understand the (Irish) job market, how to use LinkedIn effectively and to successfully improve my application and interview skills - and this in the year 2020 where landing a new role felt out of sight. Fatou is very knowledgeable and I found her advice immensely helpful. Her presentations and work sheets are very well structured and almost like a step-by-step guide. I would definitely book the course again and can highly recommend Fatou as a Career Coach.

~ Katharina

I had two great sesssions with Fatou and honestly that was the best coaching I ever had ! Fatou is very knowledgeable and reply to every questions with clarity and efficiently. Her amazing communication skills also made a difference specially for the “Job Interview Tips” session where I left with clear and valuable information! I highly recommend her as she is professional, quick-witted and very kind. She will make you feel comfortable and make the interaction interesting. ~ Aminata

I could not recommend Fatou Barry enough! She's an incredible professional and a hard-working individual. I have been part of various of her workshops and I couldn't be happier with such a great outcome! I've applied all her suggestions and advice regarding my LinkedIn profile (aka personal branding) and CV, which has already resulted into lots of professional opportunities here in Ireland and overseas. I will definitely work with her again, without a doubt, and would recommend her to any expat living in Ireland.

~ Effie

Raise your hands if any of these resonate:

👉🏽 You've sent hundreds of resumes for your dream (and even not so dream) jobs and heard nothing back despite you being a perfect fit. 

👉🏽 You've received an automated rejection email so many times you’ve lost count.

👉🏽 You used up all the free advice you found online and optimised your resume to within an inch of its life, but still nothing!

👉🏽You are getting called for interviews, but you fail to sell yourself every time despite knowing you are perfect for the role.

👉🏽You have a LinkedIn profile, but you don't know how to use it effectively to ensure you stand out and get noticed by potential employers.

👉🏽You're sick and tired of wasting precious time trying to put all the pieces together without seeing any results.

👉🏽You're frustrated by the guess work and need someone who knows their stuff to tell you exactly what you need to do so that you can finally land your dream job.

👉🏽You are fed up with clocking off on a Friday night being the highlight of your week & don’t even mention that Sunday evening back-to-work feeling


As a frustrated jobseeker I bet these sound familiar, right? They used to for me too.


Get the Job! can stop those frustrations in their tracks – let me show you how!


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