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My mission is to help ambitious multilingual professionals like you

get the confidence, clarity and  strategy that you need to land your dream job.

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raise your hand if any of these resonate...

👉🏽 You've sent hundreds of resumes for your dream (and even not so dream) jobs and heard nothing back despite you being a perfect fit.


👉🏽 You've received an automated rejection email so many times you’ve lost count.

👉🏽 You used up all the free advice you found online and optimised your resume to within an inch of its life, but still nothing!

👉🏽You are getting called for interviews, but you fail to sell yourself every time despite knowing you are perfect for the role.

👉🏽You have a LinkedIn profile, but you don't know how to use it effectively to ensure you stand out and get noticed by potential employers.

👉🏽You're sick and tired of wasting precious time trying to put all the pieces together without seeing any results.

👉🏽You're frustrated by the guess work and need someone who knows their stuff to tell you exactly what you need to do so that you can finally land your dream job.

👉🏽You are fed up with clocking off on a Friday night being the highlight of your week & don’t even mention that Sunday evening back-to-work feeling…


As a frustrated jobseeker I bet these sound familiar, right? They used to for me too.
Get the Job! can stop those frustrations in their tracks.
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Hi there, I'm Fatou!

I'm a Certified Career Coach, Resume Writer, Job Search Strategist & the founder of Top of the Pile (affectionately known as TOTP.)

TOTP was created specifically with ambitious multilingual professionals like you in mind.

I am passionate about helping you stand out on paper, in person and online, get hired and no longer feel stuck in your career.



"I've been considering changing jobs or career recently, but I'm not sure where to start or which way to go."


"My resume is not getting me any interviews and I think there's something wrong with it."


"I am getting called for interviews but I don't know how to sell myself and I never get any offer."

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"I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don't know how to use it effectively to stand out and get noticed by recruiters."